• DO ❤️ GOOD!

    I am a pro-planet Activist and AI Entrepreneur.

  • Building the worlds largest intelligent care community.



    Collecting the stories of those committed to caring for elderly loved ones at home. The humans.care website will be launched soon.

    The book will be published late 2019...


    50 Steps to Becoming an Impact Entrepreneur












  • #AIU

    Using AI for a brighter future,

    while not letting the bots take over.

    Read about my publications, activities, projects and insights on AI.

    Also read our book AI&U online (open source) and access the AI&U canvas.








    A worldwide movement of people who believe we can do better - and act!

  • #CREATE ❤️

    Here are some of the ventures I am engaged in.They work on making a difference in making the world a better place.

    Nui Care
    Aurat Raaji
    Makler Empfehlung
    Real Estate Innovation Network

    I quit driving and flying.

    It has opened a bright new world for me...



    I rode my bike across America

    and this is what I learned...

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